Ra Talk Blog is devoted to personal and social change via personal development, moral development, and spiritual development for the individual and their relationship with others and the situational environment they find themselves in.  This will be accomplished through dialogue, coaching, collaborative efforts and sharing important topics ranging from spirituality, relationships (with self and with others), business and leadership, personal growth, health-wellness-holistic living, politics, education-learning, technology, and the myriad interrelationships between these domains of life.

Kurt Lewin formulated the famous theorem of B=f(P,E) — Behavior is both a function of the person and the environment.  This powerful message illustrates three important yet distinct relationships.  First, the relationship of self; second, the relationship of the environment or situational context; and third, the relationships between both the person and the environment.  Therefore, by examining and perceiving life from a holistic interdisciplinary lens – this will serve to easily provide leverage points for personal and social development by generating new systems and structures that will ultimately shape and influence prosocial behavior, hence more fulfilled and meaningful lives.


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