The birth of this blog emerged from an idea, an idea that we as human beings have an immense capacity and potential that is often vastly un-recognized and as a result — under-utilized.  The capacity and potential I am referring to in particular is that of (a) authentic engagement; (b) love, dignity, and respect; and (c) an embodied spiritual awareness.  These three vast potentials has more often than not atrophied because of the perceived demands, rules, norms, and systems which perpetuate, encourage, and reward behaviors, attitudes, and emotions that are often contradictory in nature to the three capacities and potentials mentioned above.  The social order and world often produces the very things it says or at least implies that it doesn’t want.  Yet, the mindless march to the drum beat of social constructions that kill the human spirit have pervaded history beyond recorded time.  However, history within recorded time has never been granted this opportunity to come together vis-a-vis the Web.

Since histories are usually crafted by those “who call the shots,” this type of history, namely that of this blog’s history, is concerned with sharing my story…My recorded story began as a child roughly around the age of five, and when I was a child I had many experiences that could be deemed “spiritual.”  I found myself continually thinking about life beyond this world as I looked up at the stars and wondered…..this was a time when I did not consider myself unique or endowed with any special gifts.  In fact, I breezed through high school doing as little school work as possible, while playing sports, hanging out with friends, and eventually going to community college where the trend continued to persist.  It wasn’t until my early twenties that I experienced an inner call and awakening that began the journey I am now walking, and at times running.  Yet, this inner call and awakening was a prelude for something greater; it was not the “great awakening,” which I experienced a few years later, but it served as the initiation phase.  During my mid- and late teens and early twenties I always experienced a deep desire to help people, whether that was being empathic, to mediate conflict, or to provide a word of knowledge and encouragement.  This has continued on into my late twenties and has become part of who I am.

I will share the “great awakening” in time, but in many ways it served as an inner revelation of who I am, where I am going, and why I am here.  These three fundamental questions are so basic and simple, yet so complex and deep when we invest the time and energy towards self-discovery and the processes of embodiment.  The mission and history of this blog is devoted to the pursuit of these questions and others; and to provide an interface for sharing what you, the reader, find most important as you engage with the world with an open heart.

Being a scholar of sorts, I will be sharing from many disciplines and fields of knowledge to share what I perceive as important for ourselves individually and important for the social system we are all a part of.  Let us join together, share, and hopefully commit ourselves to a purpose that is noble and sustainable…


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