If you carefully read the Holy Scriptures you will see that the Image and Likeness of God must be restored within us—and it is restored with eyes that can see, ears that can hear, a mouth to speak as a trumpet, a new heart that can understand, a renewed mind to know the will of God, and a new spirit which was created according to God – in order to serve the Lord of Heaven and Earth, and His creation with all of one’s very being.

~ Ra Lovingsworth


An Important Life Skill

“Always remember that one of your most powerful tools for genuinely understanding, learning, and developing any relationship is to ask questions; however, when asking questions make sure you ask them
 from the right heart, mind, and intention. An ideal intention should be to learn and to grow in love…and once you ask a question let the person fully answer while being fully present with them as they answer…”



~ Ra Lovingsworth