Greetings unto all who have read this blog and received something beneficial from it.  I appreciate your kind support, it means a lot.  The interlude for approximately 3 years has been formative for me in many respects.  So I hope to continue this blog, and share with all who may come across it – words of encouragement and practical tools that each of us can implement to enrich our lives and hopefully the lives each of us touch through the course of our short time here on this planet.  You will begin to notice that in time I will begin to transition the focus of this blog toward more of a spiritually minded focus since the Mission of this blog is devoted to personal and social change via personal development, moral development, and spiritual development for the individual and their relationship with others and the situational environment they find themselves in.


Life is wonderfully simple and yet complex – and I hope that in the posts and dialogue that are to follow and in the years to come — we can all begin to take ourselves, our relationships, and God more seriously.  Of course, I mean this in the spirit of deeper gratitude, appreciation, and reverence – not grudgingly, but joy-filled seriousness.


Peace be with each you…


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